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At the request of the Dutch province of Limburg, Mobycon updated the the main bicycle network. The project involves an online management tool; the current network will be evaluated.

New mobility plan

Bicycle policy will have a new position in the new mobility plan of the province. In this plan, the province works from the viewpoint of an area focus such as the ‘recreation economy’ or ‘urban accessibility’. Within these focusses, integral mobility solutions are being developed together with the stakeholders. One can think of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), chain mobility, behavioural nudging, for example.

Updating the bike network

The current bike network dates back to 2008 and covers 1328 kilometer (825 miles). The province wants to update the main network to bring it to a higher level. This involves re-analysing the origins and destinations and the relations between them. This re-evaluation is then translated to concrete routes.

Finally, the effects of the redesign are being translated into adjustments of the main bicycle network.


This actualisation happens in coordination with the relevant stakeholders: the five Regional Mobility Councils, the 33 municipalities, the Belgian province of Limburg, the German city region of Aken, the Regional Traffic Safety council, the Dutch Water Board, The ANWB (the equivalent of the CAA,AAA, ADAC), the Bicycle Union and the Netherlands Tourist Office. Mobycon manages and documents this update.

Online tool

The first step is to incorporate the existing route into the new Geo-tool. The second step is to add the new origins and destinations to the tool.

Mobycon develops Geo-tool for the province of Limburg and looks after the content produced. The online Geo-tool can be filled with different design characteristics per bicycle infrastructure link. The tool can be managed and updated internally. This tool can also be used as an instrument for monitoring the policies.

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