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Mobycon Celebrates 5 Years in North America: Looking to the Future of People Friendly Cities During Uncertain Times

We are proud and excited to share that it has been five years since Mobycon officially opened its doors in Ottawa, Canada. What an adventure it has been!

Photo credit: Zara @zarastillmotion

We are grateful to the cities and towns that have put their faith and trust in our team. Trying new things is hard and we have met so many dedicated mobility practitioners from across North America who are eager to support change. By thinking along together, maintaining our sense of humour, copious amounts of coffee and a lot of hard work, we are so appreciative of what we have achieved together.

As a small, independent firm we have had the freedom to set a bold vision: to support initiatives that reduce our dependence on cars. By so doing we open up a menu of possibilities that can reduce our carbon footprint while improving human health, well-being and happiness.

From policies to plans, designs and capacity building initiatives, our clients expect us to bring new ideas to the table. Being true to our Dutch roots means that we give our clients a straight and honest answer, especially when it comes to the safety of vulnerable road users.

The Netherlands is a living laboratory known around the world for its state of the art bicycle facilities. However this is but one layer in a multimodal network which is still evolving. This is the by-product of 40 years of Dutch research, policy and practice. Within the Dutch approach to safe systems thinking are powerful tools for implementing Vision Zero and creating a more sustainable future. Every day, our North American  team, works closely with our Dutch colleagues, to unlock and customize these ‘secrets’ for our clients.

As we look ahead to the new challenges presented by a global pandemic, our international team is inspired by the numerous cities around the world who are carving out new spaces for people. They are creating streets which are not just ‘livable’ or ‘bearable’ but as the Dutch would say, ‘living’. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far, and we look forward to collaborating on the adventures yet to come!

Elizabeth Allingham

‘North American cities are building momentum to address mobility challenges. But there is so much left to do! I’m excited to support cities in Canada and the United States using practical and innovative ideas from the Netherlands to create local solutions.’

Director – North America
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