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Report: Where do Speed-Pedelecs Ride?

Speed-pedelecs are electric bikes that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. They are becoming increasingly popular in many European countries and could be an important driver for a more sustainable transportation system as they support greater travel distances, enabling modal shift for those with longer daily commutes. In contrary to countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands or Denmark, speed-pedelecs are generally not allowed to use cycling infrastructure in Germany (apart from a few exceptions in Baden-Württemberg). A new Mobycon study analyzes and compares the rules and experiences related to the use of infrastructure by speed-pedelecs in five European countries. The study was commissioned by the German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV) and is available for download in German and English. 

Photo: Tübingen / Daniel Hammer

Dagmar Köhler

“Transport is not an end in itself but a key enabler to live, work, participate and thrive. In most parts of the world the potential of active travel is yet to be elevated. I am committed to help cities in Germany and abroad to connect with the Dutch experience and reflect on overarching goals and local necessities.”

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