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Mobycon partners with Walk21 Rotterdam

This October, join us at WALK21 in Rotterdam – the international conference focused on how cities can be more liveable by putting pedestrians first. From the 7th to 10th, experience what communities around the world are doing to make their cities more walkable.

Pedestrians are often left behind in the traffic hierarchy, but they are good for the economy, ensure a healthier living space and reduce the traffic pressure. Along with attending the conference to learn from others, consultants Dick van Veen, Lennart Nout, Shelley Bontje and Rik van der Graaf will give their own perspectives on Mobycon’s work in the Netherlands through presentations, guided tours and as session coordinators. We look forward to connecting with you!

SPECIAL OFFER: As a partner of WALK21, we are offering a € 50 discount off registration. Click here for the discount code.

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