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Placemaking Week Chattanooga: Streets as Places Crash Course

Project for Public Spaces’ 3rd International Placemaking Week conference will take place on October 1-4, 2019 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The event will present an inspiring and engaging week full of hands-on sessions, off-site workshops, tours, and networking events. As a part of the exciting schedule, Integrated Mobility Consultant Mary Elbech will join partners from Project for Public Spaces (PPS) to run the Streets as Places Crash Course focused on placemaking and flexible street design.

Streets as Places Crash Course

Facilitators: Nidhi Gulati (PPS), Gary Toth (PPS), Laura Torchio (PPS), Mary Elbech (Mobycon North America)

Friday, October 4; 9:00am – 12:00pm

This workshop will be an interactive and hands-on training course aimed at shifting the way conference participants think about transportation and its role in creating (or disrupting) community. We will begin with an introduction of core ‘Streets as Places’ principles and move into implementation tactics, followed by an exercise to apply some of the tactics shared.

The training materials will focus on:
– Transportation infrastructure and its role in enabling livability and placemaking
– PPS’s new (in the works) humanizing streets by design guidelines
– A focus on the most vulnerable road users – children and their mobility in the built environment
– Placemaking process and starting with the community
– Designing for flexibility and life in the streets – Dutch tactics translated for global inspiration
– On the ground tools – Placemaking tactics, Place and flow analysis of streets
– Co-creative approach to design and governance of streets

Sign up is available through the conference website or through a dedicated Eventbrite page here:

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