ThinkBike Workshop in Lisbon: A Safe and Active Journey to school for children

On April 18 and 19, 2023, Sustainable Mobility Consultant Moniek Jansen travelled to Lisbon for a ThinkBike Workshop co-hosted by Lisboa E-Nova (the Lisbon Energy and Environment Agency), Freguesia do Lumiar Borough, and the Municipality of Lisbon and supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Portugal. Together with Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy) and Pieter Litjens (Director of CROW), the team delivered a 1.5-day workshop to show international examples of active school zones and how to generate more active journeys to school among children.

From experiencing the street from a child’s perspective to better understand traffic safety and collaborative work sessions to reimagine school zones, the team had an engaging and informative time in the city. You can read more about the workshop below!

Credit- Netherlands Embassy in Portugal

Moniek Jansen

‘The private use of cars still dominates the street scene. This individualistic and environmentally unfriendly form of mobility is increasingly inconsistent with our sustainable, social and accessibility goals. Within Mobycon, I work on stimulating cycling and other smart, innovative mobility solutions that increase the liveability of an area.’

Sustainable Mobility Consultant