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West Yorkshire, UK Community creates a new bicycle network map

Late last year, Mobycon team members Robin Kleine and Lennart Nout teamed up with the UK firm Steer to support five local authorities in West Yorkshire to optimize their bicycle network. Mobycon’s unique network design methodology STAR Analysis was a useful tool to engage participants in productive discussion.

Mobycon’s STAR Analysis approach for bicycle network design was developed by Mobycon CEO Johan Diepens and the Technical University of Delft. This method lets local stakeholders take a hands-on approach to network design through several exercises which explore key factors such as local routes, travel behaviours and infrastructure gaps. By the end of the exercise, participants have developed their own bicycle network plan.

Back in the Netherlands, Robin and Lennart applied Dutch network design principles to further refine the network while outlining a local plan of action. As with many Mobycon projects, the goal is not to copy what works in the Netherlands. In this case, Dutch thinking is applied to the unique local context in West Yorkshire. By doing so we work together to support evolving best practices that maximize safety.

Mobycon brought fresh thinking to our work in West Yorkshire” said Steer Associate and project leader Simon Hollowood. “We, along with our client and their stakeholders, valued Mobycon’s innovative approach to stakeholder engagement. Mobycon provided a high level of knowledge of cycle network planning, drawing on experience of designing cycle networks in the Netherlands. They led engaging and innovative network planning sessions, which gave stakeholders the opportunity to provide practical input into network design. Lennart brought a good mix of technical knowledge and charisma and co-ordinated a series of events which received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants”

As the project moves forward, we look forward to hearing more about how West Yorkshire will take important steps in shaping their bicycle-friendly future! To learn more about the Mobycon STAR Analysis can support your bicycle network design project contact Lennart Nout at

Lennart Nout

‘The interplay of different modalities within cities intrigues me. I am always looking for the best solution for the city and its inhabitants, while playing close attention to bikes. In the Netherlands and abroad I give workshops on the development of cycling culture, strategic network planning, street design and intersection design.’

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