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BITS on a Large Scale: Rolling out Bicycles and ITS to boost cycling in the North Sea region and beyond

How can technological innovations and smart use of data make cycling more attractive, efficient and safe? This is the main question in the Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems (BITS) project that Mobycon will supervise over the next three years for the province of Overijssel and an international consortium.

Issues such as congestion, air pollution and urbanization are putting pressure on quality of life in our cities. When it comes to mobility, the bicycle has proven to be an important solution to these kinds of problems. Nowadays, cycling in Northwestern Europe – and certainly in the Netherlands – is already well developed. Nevertheless, there are still great opportunities to increase the use and popularity of cycling by making it ‘smarter’ through the application of ITS, just like with motorized traffic.

Consider, for example, targeted warnings for dangerous situations at intersections, bicycle parking systems and smart traffic lights. In addition to encouraging cycling, ITS applications can also provide a lot of data. The BITS project will therefore set up a so-called “CyclingDataHub”; a centralized location where bicycle data is collected, analyzed and then opened up to everyone who would be interested in seeing what is collected. This also provides governments with tangible data that can be used to inform targeted, effective policies.

Ambitious partners

Mobycon has formed a network of ambitious partners with the province of Overijssel to jointly take the lead when it comes to bicycles and ITS (with co-financing from Interreg North Sea Region). The consortium also includes: Zwolle (NL), Aarhus (DK), Bruges (BE), Province of Antwerp (BE) and East Riding (GB), Cycling Industries Europe, the University of Oldenburg (DE), VIVES University of Applied Sciences and bicycle leasing company Baron.

Of course, the impact of BITS does not stop at the geographical boundaries of the partnership. The goal is to use this project to boost cycling throughout the North Sea region and beyond.

We are therefore happy to talk to you about your experiences or plans when it comes to ITS in cycling and cycling data. Interested? Contact Ronald Jorna or Robin Kleine.

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