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Cycle On: An initiative to make cycling into old age safer

In 2019 we began studying the possibility for new initiative as a part of the Doortrappen or Cycle On programme. A national programme, Cycle On focuses on ways to minimize the frequency of cycling accidents among elderly cyclists, and includes a number of individual initiatives as a part of the whole programme. These include awareness campaigns, education, and exercise programmes to build balance and strength for participants.

Mobycon was engaged by ROV Oost-Nederland to investigate other initiatives that could supplement the current supply to enhance the programme. By talking to regional and local partners, each with varying points if interaction with elderly cyclists depending on their role in the community, a number of gaps or blind spots were identified in the program. An important finding was that professionals delivering these initiatives should experience the Cycle On customer journey for themselves. Naturally, not every community trainer or volunteer understands the challenges experienced by seniors when cycling. Therefore, experiencing the training or programme that Cycle On offers would assist in successful roll outs of the program and its long-term execution.

For this reason, we developed a train-the-trainer programme for community trainers to be launched in the spring of 2020. Due to Covid-19 and requirements to maintain physical distancing, these trainings were instead conducted online, an informative experience that also challenged our team to deliver a program that the trainers could emulate online or physically distanced themselves.

In 2021 we will continue developing this training in the East Netherlands, as well as for other target groups in the Netherlands. The final product will then also be available for use by other trainers.

Have questions about how to bring a similar initiative to your community? Please contact project lead Angela van der Kloof.

Angela van der Kloof

‘Planning, promotion and education for cycling are great tools that contribute to making places thrive, people participate and be healthy, as well as to the quality of the living environment.’

Strategic Advisor