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Effective new bicycle connections in Utrecht

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For the province of Utrecht, Mobycon calculated the effect of 27 new bicycle connections with the ‘Brutus’ model. The base model was developed by Mobycon in cooperation with Strafica and the province of Utrecht.

This model clearly shows the current bicycle movements within the province and is very useful for calculating new scenarios. It also answers questions to several policy issues. It shows the effects of new bike connections or of socio-economic adjustments. And after improvements of existing infrastructure, it is possible to calculate the effects of a new high speed bike route.

 New connections

For this study, we calculated 27 new connections (missing links), for instance alternatives over the Amsterdam-Rijn canal and the Lek river, two major waterways going through Utrecht province.


After calculating the new connections, we analysed the differences between the base year and the current new connections. This presents valuable new information on how effective a new connection is.

Directly available

With the Brutus online user interface all results are immediately available. It is possible to do several analyses. Eric Wahle knows the bike traffic model like nobody else so if you want to know more about modelling with Brutus, connect with

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