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Exploring the Secrets of Forgiving Streets in 2019

2019 is off to a great start and our team is excited to discuss the secrets of the Dutch traffic safety approaches at two upcoming conferences in Canada.

In February, Justin Goulding of Mobycon Canada will present at the upcoming 7th Winter Cycling Congress in Calgary (February 6-8). As an active member of our Canadian team, Justin highlights key principles of the Dutch safe systems approach (Sustainable Safety) with a focus on what Canadian cities need to consider now and in the future.

In the spring, Mobycon CEO Johan Diepens is presenting at the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals conference in Calgary, Alberta (May 26-29). As a co-developer of Sustainable Safety, Johan is eager to share key lessons learned in the Netherlands over the past 30 years. More importantly, he will  share some leading edge thinking on traffic safety currently being piloted in the Netherlands and new types of vehicles entering our roadways.

Still some may ask what the Dutch have to contribute to the future of traffic safety?

Safe Streets for All

While many are familiar with the Dutch ability to deliver world class bicycle facilities, their expertise in traffic safety is perhaps less well known. Still, Dutch know-how in this field is of growing importance for cities around the world eager to discover strategies to improve road safety – especially for vulnerable road users.

Planning for Mistakes in Traffic

Like it or not, all people make mistakes. Mistakes in traffic are common, no matter how we travel. With this reality in mind, the Dutch seek to create networks of “forgiving streets”. A forgiving street is one that is designed to minimize risks for those who are most vulnerable. When mistakes in traffic occur, street designers seek to minimize the likelihood that the outcome will be serious or fatal.

Sustainable Safety – Dutch Vision Zero

The secret lies in the Dutch safe systems approach called Sustainable Safety. After over 40 years of research, policy, planning, design and implementation, traffic safety in the Netherlands continues to be an evolving field. Dutch cities continue to face new pressures and ambitious goals to understand the needs of all types of vehicles entering the public realm.

As cities around the world seek to improve road safety for all road users, many are looking to the Netherlands given their expertise on knowing when to mix and when to separate road users.

Johan and Justin looking forward to seeing you in Calgary! To learn more about how the Mobycon team can incorporate Dutch traffic safety thinking to your city, project or organization, please drop us a line.

Elizabeth Allingham

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