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Mobycon Delivers Innovative 30 Year Bike Strategy to Dutch Province of North-Holland

Mobycon’s specialist Lennart Nout recently completed a secondment to the Province of North-Holland in the Netherlands. Lennart was responsible for leading the development of a comprehensive 30-year bike plan, combining a vision and action plan for the region.

Map of North-HollandEngagement

The project included delivery of a series of events including public engagement and capacity building opportunities for staff. The dynamic new plan includes a comprehensive network of long distance cycle paths and incorporates recent trends such as the popularity of e-bikes.

Identify investment opportunities

Lennart worked closely with staff to identify investment opportunities for bicycle infrastructure in the coming years. In the end, the Province of North-Holland committed to investing over 30 million Euros in updates to their network.

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Lennart Nout

‘The interplay of different modalities within cities intrigues me. I am always looking for the best solution for the city and its inhabitants, while playing close attention to bikes. In the Netherlands and abroad I give workshops on the development of cycling culture, strategic network planning, street design and intersection design.’

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