Mobycon in Lisbon: ThinkBike workshop

Next week, Moniek Jansen will be in Lisbon (Portugal) to give a two-day workshop with the focus on ‘safe schoolzones’, in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in Portugal, the Municipality of Lisbon, the Dutch Cycling Embassy and CROW.

Dutch school children are among the healthiest and happiest in the world. This is in no small part due to the active and independent lives they lead, and how this is built into their daily lives through the ability to cycle, walk and move through their environments safely and easily.

The way children and parents travel to school in the Netherlands is often visibly different to the same journeys in much of Lisbon, with over two-thirds travelling by bike or walking. In The Netherlands, the physical environment immediately around the school and the broader street network have been carefully planned and designed to ensure active journeys are safe, attractive and a natural alternative to travelling by car. 

Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy), Pieter Lintjens (CROW) and Moniek Jansen (Mobcyon) will discuss how to create a safe and active journey to school for children. The program of the Workshop includes a morning visit to a local “school street”, a ride-a-long with one of Lisbon’s local “bike train”, and a public screening of “Together We Cycle”, a short film exploring the reasons for the extraordinary cycling culture in The Netherlands and its effects on people, societies, and the organization of cities. 

We will explore the planning and design features that facilitate active journeys to school, including the challenges faced in both the Netherlands and Lisbon and how these can be overcome. Participants will be actively involved to consider what changes can be made to our streets to create safer, more active places and help transform the family experience of journeys to school.