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Mobycon Webinar Series

In order to stay connected with our clients and partners, providing opportunities for learning no matter where you are located, we have created the Mobycon Webinar Series: a collection of digital sessions covering a variety of topics and themes to provide insight into Dutch and international best practices.

Join us for our next webinar: Mailbag Episode: Designing safe intersections and crossing for all road users

Each session features one or more of our experts sharing their knowledge and expertise on areas of focus including traffic calming, protected intersections, Dutch street design, safe routes to school, communications and engagement, education and policy planning. Our short webinars are offered once or twice per month, and shared on our YouTube Channel as reference for later viewing. We also offer customized webinars and workshops depending on your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on working internationally, with offices in the Netherlands, Canada and the United States, combining our broad knowledge to provide context-driven mobility solutions. The Mobycon Webinar Series and digital sessions and workshops ensure no matter where you are, we can stay connected to create sustainable, walking and cycling-friendly cities.

If you are interested in developing a specialized webinar, please contact our International Communications Specialist, Melissa Bruntlett.

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Melissa Bruntlett

‘I believe that to create cities that work for every one, you have to tell a great story. Promoting multi-modal transportation to a mainstream audience means sharing the stories of the people who benefit from making communities more walkable and bikeable, and showing what is possible if we rethink the way we design our streets and public spaces. I strive to inspire people to create places where children can flourish, and where the simple act of moving through their city is a safe, simple, and enjoyable act.’

International Communications Specialist
+31 (0)6 125 050 63