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Modeshift Autumn Webinar Series: School Streets Revisited

A not for profit member organization, Modeshift supports sustainable travel professionals and organisations from a range of areas to promote and grow levels of active and sustainable travel for businesses, education establishments and communities. This is done by by offering services and opportunities to share and recognise best practice. One such way is through an ongoing webinar series. On the 20th of November, the 4th in their Autumn Webinar Series with revisits school streets, an ongoing challenge and opportunity in many cities. Urban design and Mobility Consultant Jason Colbeck joins their panel of experts to speak on the Dutch context.

Autumn Webinar Series: Webinar 4 School Streets Revisited

Panelist: Jason Colbeck (with Lyn Hesse, Cambridgeshire County Council
Dominique Humbert, Hackney Council and chaired by Tyler Linton, Hackney Council)

Friday, 20 November; 10:00-11:30am GMT

Children in the Netherlands are amongst the happiest and healthiest in the world, and the active and independent lifestyles enjoyed by children is considered to be one of the contributing factors. This activity is built-in to daily life, and is enabled, in part, by the way in which the built environment and mobility networks support children to walk and cycle. The daily journey to school in the Netherlands demonstrates this clearly, with approximately 70 per cent of children travelling to school by active and sustainable modes.

On 20th November, Mobycon Urban design and Mobility Consultant, Jason Colbeck, joins Modeshift’s autumn webinar series to discuss the Dutch approach to creating safe school zones, and how the design of school environments in the Netherlands supports children to travel actively and independently, as well as taking a look at how Dutch towns and cities are increasingly looking to School Streets in response to their school mobility challenges.