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OTC Annual Conference: Planning and Designing Effective Mobility Hubs

Vervoer mobyconThe Ontario Traffic Council (OTC) annual conference is a three 1/2-day virtual events themed around “Multi-modal Transportation Refocused.” The event brings together multi-modal transportation professionals from Ontario and right across Canada and includes educational seminars, networking sessions and the opportunity to see the latest in traffic technology through an exhibitor showcase. Integrated Mobility Consultant Justin Goulding in our Ottawa office and Manager of International Strategy Lennart Nout in Delft, NL combine virtual tours of their respective homes to showcase how multi-mobility can be successfully integrated with public transport.

Lennart Nout

Planning and Designing Effective Mobility Hubs

Presenters: Justin Goulding and Lennart Nout

Wednesday, June 16 @ 12:00 EST

Many people know the Netherlands for their cycling culture and world class cycling infrastructure. What is less well-known is the Dutch expertise in multi-modal transportation, connecting people both on foot and on bike with efficient public transit systems. Join us for a virtual study tour as we travel to the Netherlands to explore the planning and design elements that make for seamless connections between active transportation and public transit including active transportation networks and safe street design, station access by foot and bike, bike parking facilities, and car parking. We will then return to Ottawa to learn how these elements are being applied in the Ontario context and discuss ways to further develop multi-modal transportation hubs.