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POLIS conference 2020 - Unlocking the data potential

The POLIS Annual Conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievement to a large audience of mobility experts, practitioners and decision-makers. This year’s conference is being co-hosted by the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, and its participants include transport practitioners and policy-makers of local and regional authorities from across Europe, representatives from the transport industry, mobility services providers, transport researchers and consultants, as well as high-level representatives and experts from the EU institutions. Mobility Advisor Robin Kleine joins fellow B-ITS colleagues to present on the project and its potential to unlock much needed data around cycling and ITS.

Robin KleineUnlocking the data potential – Better data for better planning

Presenters: Robin Kleine (with Victoire Champenois from the EU Commission)

Tuesday, 1 December; 14:00-16:45 CET (Europe)

ITS is a well-known concept in road traffic that has proven its benefits (safety, sustainability, comfort, data) over the years. The development of ITS is in line with the digitalisation of almost everything in our society and the data ITS are generating is being used for a.o. traffic management, policy decisions and real-time information to road users. 

In the meanwhile, there is a huge lack of cycling data, which has a negative impact on the stimulation of cycling. With the BITS project, two big obstacles will be overcome. On the one hand, there will be a large-scale deployment of B-ITS in different cities in 5 different countries. On the other, cycling data will be collected (from both the ITS as other sources) and processed to meet the data need of policy makers, businesses and cyclists. 

This makes the BITS project the first of its kind, on an unprecedented scale and with promising actions that will inspire many cities and regions in their journey to more sustainable and smarter transport. 

Robin Kleine

‘In my work I support projects for passenger transport, chain mobility and research. My interest in the field of mobility is broad, meaning I can quickly understand and adapt to new topics.’

Mobility Advisor