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Project Profile: Ready-made plans that the Province of Groningen can use for years to come

Monitoring of bicycle and multimodal mobility

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The assignment

The Province of Groningen is actively committed to improving bicycle and multimodal mobility. Among other things this includes campaigns to stimulate cycling, improved cycle routes and 32 transfer hubs. “Mobycon has measured the efficacy of our policy and all specific goals. A monitoring plan was drawn up in 2018 followed by action plans recently drawn up for each component,” says Rolf Dijkstra, traffic policy officer at the Province of Groningen. “These plans offer support in prioritizing, verifying results and future decision making.”

The work

“Mobycon has provided a structured insight into which data is already available, which we should collect and how we can best link each set to each other,” Dijkstra says. “The consultants mainly guided us through the process of understanding what we want to achieve as a province, as well as what is needed and how measures are interrelated. This initial phase required a great deal of attention, but we now have a well thought out plan and a practical result.”

The result

“This is the first time that the Province of Groningen will monitor in such a thorough and structured way. In concrete terms, there are now ready-made plans with which we can move forward in the coming years. We now know, for example, which data we need to collect in order to realize new bicycle connections, to chart the perception of users or to stimulate cycling. We can gather clear insight into the effects of these measures on accessibility, quality of life, health and sustainability, so that we can make a proper assessment.”

The collaboration

“Mobycon has a lot of substantive knowledge when it comes to available data. The consultants know how to best use and translate it into concrete plans and which techniques are available to support them. They also know how local government operates and can provide us with expert advice. They bring a flexible attitude with a sharp focus on the intended result.”

Otto Cazemier

‘I communicate tactical and practical strategies. Most of all, I am interested in traffic and transport processes where a variety of interests and stakeholders are involved. As a team player, I actively contribute to solutions and I am open to ideas from others.’

Senior Advisor
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