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Sharing our stories at this year's VeloCity in Lisbon, Portugal

It’s been a while since we’ve come together in person at VeloCity to share our experiences and learn from cycling advocates and experts from around the world. And while VeloCity Lisbon will be a hybrid event, we’re excited to be a part of this inspiring conference once again. Join Bernhard Ensink (in person) for a panel that explores how we should rethink infrastructure in our cities. Meanwhile Angela van der Kloof (digitally) and fellow founders and contributors of the Women in Cycling network have coordinated “Not another gender session” that will be well worth attending.

Read more details about each session below to find out what we’ll be up to in Lisbon (and online).

Rethinking car infrastructure and parking space

8 September 2021, 11:30 GMT

Worldwide, mobility systems are adapting to new challenges. Existing public infrastructure is being updated to assure sustainable, inclusive accessibility. This sessions will host a panel of top specialists from different settings to discuss how change is being conducted. Dylan Passmore from Vancouver will present the 1950’s Granville Bridge connector retrofit. Sofia Taborda from Lisbon and Bernhard Ensink from Mobycon will discuss the current cycle parking policy and implementation. Dagmar Koehler from Germany will speak about empowering local authorities of all sizes to boost cycling, and Alan Hoekstra from the Netherlands will explain how the national highway agency is transforming into an intermodal system.


Not another Gender Session: Women in Cycling Network

8 September 2021, 15:15 -16:15 GMT followed by the WiC Drink 16:15 – 17:30 Red Stage

Women in Cycling is a new initiative launched by CIE, ECF, Velokonzept, Mobycon and CONEBI aiming to help women to get more visibility, impact and leading seats in the cycling sector. On one hand we want to empower women and help them achieve more visibility and opportunities of mentoring and networking. Even more importantly, we strive towards transforming the system fundamentally by including the needs of underrepresented groups and highlighting the need for change on a structural level. In this session we will discuss how to bring diversity into the cycling sector and different possibilities of collaboration. Together with our ambassadors we want to open new perspectives before discussing interactively, informally and inclusively. Everyone is invited to participate and share their ideas.

Mobycon at the Dutch Cycling Embassy Pavilion

Throughout the conference be sure to stop by the physical or virtual Dutch Cycling Embassy Pavilion to learn about some of our international work and grab a postcard to share your mobility stories with us or a colleague anywhere in the world. And of course, say ‘hi’ to our experts and our friends at the DCE.