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While the Dutch ponder new e-bike policies, Casper the cycling dentist enjoys his speed pedelac (Video)

Dutch dentist Caspar is 59 years old and always cycles to work, even when it is raining or snowing. “It is a pleasurable activity and it is much faster than taking the car,” says Caspar in this video. Currently Caspar has to use the road with his speed pedelec, but he hopes the Dutch law will be changed to allow him to use the dedicated bicycle infrastructure. However, regular cyclists are not sure if they want to share the paths with speed pedelecs. Or scooters for that matter.

As different types of electric vehicles enter the market, and our roadways, policy makers are faced with new challenges to safely and comfortably integrate these new vehicles. Dutch policy makers are hard at work to determine the best way to integrate various types of e-bikes into their multimodal network which carefully mixes and separates modes based on a robust safe systems apporach to traffic safety. As part of our Traffic in the City project for the ANWB, Mobycon is currently testing a new network screening program in three pilot cities. These pilots projects balance traffic safety and livable streets for all road users with the unique needs of various levels of governemnt.

With so many people cycling and some parts of the bike infrastructure bursting at the seams, the Dutch have to make some decisions. Should Caspar cycle on the road or be able to use the bike paths? Watch this two minute video made by Mobycon and Mark Wagenbuur of “@BicycleDutch” and let us what you think! To learn more about our ANWB project go to:

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