Intersection and Corridor Design on East Covell Boulevard, Davis, CA

The City of Davis, California is renowned for its university life and cycling culture dating back to the late 1960s. The City serves as a reference point for sustainability and urban cycling for many towns across the United States. Accommodations for bicyclists are taken seriously, which is apparent in the greenways and urban landscapes that favor active modes of transportation.

At one point, the City boasted a 30% modal share for bicycles. Unfortunately, that number had dropped to 20% in the early 2010s. In an effort to boost modal share again, the City has a renewed interest in investing in its cycle infrastructure. The City of Davis was interested in Dutch bicycle planning insights on and around a new development and asked Mobycon to deliver a third-party review of the designs.

The Cannery was the City’s newest development plan, and it was no exception to Davis’s bicycle-friendly atmosphere. Several studies had been undertaken to incorporate innovative cycling solutions and transportation improvements along roads and at intersections for this new development. The main road in this development is East Covell Boulevard.

Our conceptual design recommendations for safe crossings at intersections to and from The Cannery resulted in the construction of the first protected intersection in North America. Since the construction of this intersection in 2015, staff from the City of Davis have visited the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch approach, met with Mobycon, and replicated the protected intersection in two more locations along the corridor.

Adding this because this project is 10 years old. I think we need to acknowledge that in our tone.