Since 2016, Mobycon has been partnering with the Town of Canmore, AB to harness international best practices and apply them in the small resort community. Mobycon has provided design support and guidance on numerous projects, including intersection design and operation, corridor peer review, walking and cycling facility design, and the creation of safe crossings for active transportation users. Mobycon has also conducted place assessments with local stakeholders to inform redesigns in the town.

With Mobycon’s assistance, the Town of Canmore has risen to the forefront of best-practice multimodal transportation design in Canada. Partnering with fellow consultants McElhanney and Dick van Veen, Mobycon’s 2021 design of a protected intersection along Railway Avenue won the Alberta Minister’s Award for Transportation Design Innovation in 2023. The protected intersection features near-side signals, which are rare in Canada. This award recognizes Mobycon’s role in advancing transportation in Alberta.

Mobycon continues to partner with the Town of Canmore to resolve issues that arise from their ongoing transportation operations, including signal phasing and the continued improvement of their active transportation network.

On February 27th, 2023 , our North American director Elizbeth Allingham attended the 2023 Minister’s Awards for Transportation Innovation in Alberta, Canada. These awards recognize individuals and organizations for their work in advancing transportation in Alberta. Mobycon, together with the Town of Canmore and several consulting partners, received a Design Innovation award for our work in the Town of Canmore for the Bow Valley Trail and Railway Avenue Protected Intersection with Near-side Signals.