HF2M, a large real-estate developer in Colorado, retained Mobycon to provide coaching services to develop a transportation system rooted in international best practices for the Montava development. Working with Kimley-Horn, Mobycon developed a concept and delivered a detailed design for a highly innovative intersection typology that has not been used in the US before. This type of intersection (the “Kidney Bean” or “Dutch Left” intersection) allows for prioritized movement along one axis while forcing drivers from the side street to yield. This design removes the need for traffic signals thus greatly improving flow while maintaining a high level of safety and comfort.

Through a collaborative design process, the project focused on developing designs that work in the US context, progressing from high-level concepts to detailed designs. Mobycon and Kimley Horn worked together effectively by applying Dutch design principles in the US regulatory framework. In the fall of 2022, Montava tested the intersection design in a pop-up event and the results will be analysed and inform the permanent designs.