Mobycon, in partnership with local consultancy STS and in collaboration with Tbilisi City Hall and local stakeholders, developed a Tbilisi Cycling Masterplan in response to Mobility4Cities. The plan aimed to promote cycling in Tbilisi by engaging the community through interviews, tours, and workshops to gather feedback. This feedback informed the design concepts for specific streets, inspiring the municipality to rethink street design for cycling. Recommendations included planning compact cycling districts, creating a well-connected cycle network, fostering a cycling culture through marketing and services, and aligning the network with the needs of different user groups. An implementation timeline with short-, medium-, and long-term actions was developed to transform Tbilisi into a cycle-friendly city.

In response to Mobility4Cities’s request, Mobycon, with the support of local consultancy STS, developed a Tbilisi Cycling Masterplan in collaboration with Tbilisi City Hall and local stakeholders. This project aimed at shifting the way people move about the districts of Tbilisi and broadening the number of cyclists on city streets. Extensive community engagement was conducted through stakeholders’ interviews, walking and cycling tours, and in-person workshops. The feedback from these sessions informed the concept cross sections and design sketches for specific streets of the study area. These concept designs were used to inspire the municipality to think differently about street design and the choices necessary to make cycling an attractive mobility choice.

Kote Marjanishvili Short-term design
Kote Marjanishvili Long-term design

Mobycon delivered recommendations around planning compact cycling districts throughout the city, multi-modal connectivity, the development of a well-connected cycle network, the growth of a cycling culture via marketing and services, as well as strategies to align the network with the needs of the different target groups. In addition, an implementation timeline for cycling infrastructure was created with short-, medium-, and long-term actions. Once these actions have been completed, Tbilisi will have an extensive cycling network that truly lifts the capital of Georgia to the status of a cycle- friendly city.