Cycle Parking Strategy And Implementation Plan In Eindhoven

Anticipating demographic growth in the coming years, the City of Eindhoven is planning to adapt its mobility strategy towards a low-traffic city centre, including high-quality public spaces, and a modal shift towards less space- consuming and polluting mobility solutions. In addition, the issue of poorly parked cycles on downtown streets during peak hours of activity is a major concern. This not only causes a nuisance and crowded streets, but the “wildly” parked cycles can obstruct the emergency lanes for the emergency services.

To address this issue and achieve a cleaner cityscape, the Municipality of Eindhoven set a target for doubling its cycle parking capacity by 2030 (representing 7,000 additional cycle parking spots). After working on Eindhoven’s 2021 parking strategy, Mobycon was asked to develop an implementation plan for cycle parking to achieve these goals. A series of mid- to long-term action items were developed to reach the goals, including the creation of new parking spots, 2/3 in secured cycle parking facilities within buildings (existing and new ones), and the rest as on-street facilities. Furthermore, a set of recommendations including solutions was shared to address the “peak hours cycle parking” phenomenon on a short-term scale.