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Achieving your mobility future with imagination and wisdom

Imagine your ideal world in terms of mobility. Imagine being a planner, designer or user in a future where eight billion people must get from A to B in a safe, user friendly, affordable and sustainable manner.

I wonder how, in your imagination, people in the future will commute to work, bring their children to school or enjoy their natural surroundings? Will different types of modalities exist in harmony? What about the balance of different users: pedestrians, cyclist, and motorist? Who will rule the available space? You might have realised that imagining the future isn’t hard, but perhaps you think you’re only dreaming.

What if you could make your vision a reality? The essence of vision is: ‘Having the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.’ A clearly defined ambition, combined with a little imagination and the right knowledge, are needed to realise any vision.

In the Netherlands, public institutions are increasingly solidifying their ambitions for sustainable mobility, and most municipalities have defined their vision. Often, cyclists and pedestrians play a central role in their imagined futures, as do innovation, infrastructure facilities and safety. Throughout the years, Mobycon has guided and supported many municipalities and policy makers as their mobility visions and ambitions became reality. For example, on a provincial level, Mobycon developed a comprehensive 30-year bike plan for the Province of North-Holland. For the region of Utrecht, Mobycon devised a brand-new cycling strategy. Together with stakeholders from ten municipalities we created a new vision for the region, consisting of five focal points for investment in the coming years. Based on this vision, the municipalities are planning to work together to increase the already high cycling (and transit) mode share to 60% by 2030.

Since I joined Mobycon earlier this year, I have spent a lot of time imagining different futures of mobility. Working with, and learning from, my new colleagues has been inspiring my ideas and understanding of what is possible. I look forward to working with our clients to help them imagine their own mobility future!



Shelley Bontje

‘Shelley is passionate about making mobility easy and accessible for everyone, while always considering the many diverse aspects of sustainability, so advice is adapted to future trends and developments.’

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