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Back to School! Mobycon proposes new ideas to ease congestion woes at TU Delft

Delft University of Technology is the oldest technical university in the Netherlands and one of the top ranking technical universities in the world. It is no surprise that this popular destination was causing increasing amounts of congestion. As increasing the capacity of the infrastructure was not an option, the University decided to influence travel behaviour by applying mobility management measures. They asked Mobycon to lead the project.

Multimodal Commuter Data

From the outset Mobycon received valuable feedback from project partners at the University, area businesses and the ‘Bereikbaar Haaglanden’, a public-private organization mandated to improve accessibility, traffic andlogistics within The Hague Region. By analyzing commuter census and postal code data we gained valuable insights into multimodal travel behaviours (bike, e-bike, public transit, car). Additional data were obtained through an online survey.

Taking Action to Manage Congestion

Mobycon’s analysis resulted in the elaboration of congestion management strategies. Below is a selection of those currently being implemented.

  • E-bike trial programme: The e-bike is an attractive mode for distances up to 15 kilometers (10 miles). The programme creates opportunities for people to travel to the university by e-bike for free for a week. By so doing, they experience a new way to commute to the university.
  • Dockless bike sharing: Bike sharing is a great last-mile solution from the two train stations serving the campus. We approached Mobike and they placed hundreds of bikes in the city.
  • Travel information: Provide commuters with information on how to time their trip to and from the campus to avoid the inconveniences of rush hour.
  • Ridesharing: The University introduced a match-making app to link people on campus who are interested in ridesharing. As an incentive, people who used the app got better parking facilities.

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