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Encouraging winter cycling to school at the Winter Cycling Congress Joensuu 2020

The Winter Cycling Congress (WCC) is an annual event that brings together experts and promoters of year-round cycling in cold climate cities. The focus of the Congress it to share and develop programming to promote and encourage winter cycling and dispel the myth that high rates of cycling is only possible in fair-weather climates. Speakers and workshop coordinators aim to normalize the act of year-round cycling, even in cold, snowy conditions, sharing what has worked in communities around the world.

This year’s event will be held in Joensuu, Finland the 5-7 of February. Mobility Expert and WCC Board member Angela van der Kloof will be attending to share her insights around cycling education and encourage even young children to bike to school all year round.

Developing winter cycling modules for primary school children children

Workshop Coordinator: Angela van der Kloof

Wednesday, 5 February; 13:00-14:30

A core concept in traffic education in the Netherlands is Permanent Traffic Education (PTE). The idea is that it is needed to take the lifelong learning approach on the topic of traffic safety, since traffic rules and the physical infrastructure change over time, as well as the mobility options you have as a road user. PTE has been developed into modules (a learning line) with specific objectives for groups of road users, such as children in primary school. Although there are various challenges when it comes to cycling in winter, these challenges and how to deal with them are not included in the modules.

In this interactive workshop, Angela will first introduce the concept of PTE, and explain the qualities of the concept. Then she will work with the participants on translating winter cycling challenges into winter cycling modules for children in primary school age.