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Women in Cycling at the International Mobility Summit: Looking at the future of cycling from a woman's lens

On Wednesday, the 22nd of September, Angela van der Kloof hosts the Women in Cycling: The future of cycling online session as a part of The International Mobility Summit programme. The summit brings together the global mobility community, thought leaders, disruptors, innovators, investors, and policy makers, to shape and plan mobility for our future cities. Their mission is to create an inspiring and engaging environment for the global community to connect and collaborate on the next generation of mobility challenges and opportunities.

Angela’s session features women throughout Europe and North America discussing the future of cycling, including colleague Melissa Bruntlett. Learn more about the conference, happening in person in Copenhagen and online, visit their website and register HERE.


Women in Cycling: The future of cycling

Host: Angela van der Kloof

Panelists: Melissa Bruntlett, Seçil Öznur Yakan, Jocelyn Kemker – de Kruif, Florence Grégoire, Dr. Anna Nikolaeva, Isla Tanaka

Wednesday, September 22 @ 12:30 CEST

Cycling has become more popular in the last decade, resulting in a global ‘cycling boom’ in 2020, due to covid-19 pandemic measures. In this session we will look at the future of cycling by asking the speakers to think of cycling and look into the future. What do they see? What do they foresee, and what do they wish to see? Will cycling be a means of mobility for everyone, with a broad range of cycling ‘machines’ that fit the needs of many? Will we see a continued interest in cycles as speedy machines that can compete with the car? Will we see room for cycling in cities and towns? And will cycling for tourism and leisure boom around the globe?

All speakers are part of the Women in Cycling network, which is an initiative launched by CIE, ECF, Mobycon, Velokonzept and CONEBI in the beginning of 2021. The vision of Women in Cycling is for a diverse, inclusive cycling sector that provides equal opportunities and contributes to achieving cycling’s full potential. Women in Cycling want to achieve more visibility, impact and leading seats for women in the cycling sector and to ensure that the diverse experiences of women are taken into account and represented in decision making bodies, projects and processes that affect the sector.