Teepee Town Low Traffic Neighborhood Network

Formerly a low-density community, Teepee Town, a neighbourhood in Canmore, Alberta, aims to increase the density of the town as it expands.

Graphic rendering of a car-free street with children playing, cycling, and walking.


The Town of Canmore wants to retrofit this neighbourhood to create a safe and attractive street network that responds to the recently approved Area Redevelopment Plan. Mobycon, with subconsultant Dick van Veen, was retained by the Town to assess the current transportation network of the neighbourhood and provide conceptual designs for achieving a “low-traffic neighbourhood.” To achieve this, the work focused on active transportation and residential place values while accommodating a reduced level of car travel and parking. Mobycon provided the Town with two similar, but fundamentally different approaches; a low-traffic neighbourhood concept and a ‘woonerf’ concept. Mobycon explored each concept, providing network design concepts and potential street cross-sections for future community consultation. After reviewing background documents to gain an understanding of the local context, a vision statement and storyboard were developed for the two visionary perspectives. This information was used to develop a network plan with recommendations for roadway network changes. Final conceptual designs were then developed for the two approaches in the Canmore context by incorporating community feedback.