Transforming vision into reality

At Mobycon, we believe in turning vision into action. Our Masterclasses offer immersive, hands-on learning experiences to address and overcome your community’s mobility challenges. Drawing from Dutch innovation and global best practices, our masterclasses are tailored to equip you with the skills and insights to create vibrant, safe, and accessible communities.

Why participate in our Masterclasses?

Real-world solutions: Our masterclasses focus on solving real challenges you select, ensuring the content is relevant and impactful. You will leave with practical, actionable steps ready to implement transformative changes.

Interactive and engaging: Through multi-disciplinary breakout sessions led by our experts, engineers work alongside elected representatives and other stakeholders on topics ranging from roundabout design to strategic communication. Our approach fosters collaboration and practical problem-solving.

Customized learning: Each Masterclass is uniquely tailored to meet your local needs. Whether through site tours or video site analysis, we provide a context-specific learning experience that addresses your community’s unique challenges, focusing on crucial topics such as traffic calming, bicycle network planning, placemaking, and more.

Join us in shaping the future

Our masterclasses are designed to empower you to create more livable, sustainable, and well-connected places. Whether you prefer in-person or digital sessions, we provide the training and expertise to make substantial improvements.

Are you dealing with questions such as:

  • How do you design a great cycle network?
  • How can traffic on local and arterial streets be calmed?
  • How do you design a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly roundabout?
  • How can active transportation at traffic signals be safely and efficiently accommodated?
  • How do you balance a sense of place with traffic flow?
  • How do we leverage land use planning for a safer transportation network design?
  • How do we increase modal share for active transportation?

Ready to transform your community? Experts from our international teams are ready to help you achieve these goals and more.

Contact us to book your customized Masterclass today and take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future for your community.

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