Safety Review of a Key Downtown Bicycle Facility in Ottawa, ON

Mobycon, renowned for its unique and comprehensive approach, spearheaded an extensive safety review of the existing Laurier Avenue bicycle facility. This review was not limited to the traditional in-service safety reviews, but delved deeper into the safety issues faced by all users, with a special focus on vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

The team used public feedback, a bicyclist behaviour study, human factors assessment, and collision data analysis to develop a more comprehensive understanding of safety along the corridor. These components were used to evaluate both the perceived and objective safety of users on the Laurier Avenue facility. This collection of data and knowledge was harnessed to develop short-, medium-, and long-term safety countermeasures. The proposed countermeasures were then incorporated into an implementation and evaluation plan to help apply the improvements in a strategic and cost-effective way. The plan also included recommendations for continued safety monitoring of the corridor to identify any future safety issues.