Policy and Visioning Development

Comprehensive changes
to infrastructure and beyond

A network of high-quality facilities is not enough to generate more sustainable transportation choices in a city.

To successfully encourage higher rates of walking and cycling, the built environment needs to be supported by integrated policies at various levels. Mobycon has extensive experience researching and writing policies based on international best practices on a variety of walking- and cycling-specific topics including shared spaces, temporary and pilot facilities, speed management and education.

This includes:

  • Traffic Calming Policies
  • Multi-modal Policy Development
  • Visioning Workshops
  • Street Classification Policy


Cologne Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Denmark Cycling Node Network

Transportation Decarbonisation Alliance

Developing a Multi-modal Level of Service Guide for Ontario

Tbilisi Cycling Masterplan

Design Characteristics GOW30 

Joint Venture With Spackman Mossop Michaels In Sydney, Australia

Dusseldorf General Mobility Masterplan

Cycle Parking Strategy And Implementation Plan In Eindhoven