Roadway Cross Section Reallocation: A Guide


The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) commissioned a study to develop a guidebook for agencies seeking to reallocate road space. The goal was to provide guidance for evaluating the trade-offs of different complete street cross-sections for reconstruction and retrofit projects.

As a subconsultant to Kittelson & Associates, Mobycon conducted an extensive literature and best practice review. With experience working in the Netherlands and Europe, the team ensured international best practice was incorporated into the guidebook that pushed the envelope for cross-section reallocation and valued a complete street design. This approach considered the function of a street within the broader road network for more intuitive and appropriate roadway reallocation guidance.

Research efforts also included an agency peer exchange with professionals around the world. These interviews, alongside the literature review, were used to inform the development of a decision-making framework that considered elements beyond the pavement. Such elements included the surrounding land use, community goals, justice, economic considerations, and mode share targets.

Additionally, a roadway reallocation tool was incorporated into the guidebook, allowing users to input existing conditions and agency priorities in a tool that would recommend cross-sections based on best practices. The guidebook is currently in the form of an interim draft and is anticipated to be published in 2023.