Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems (BITS) was a project in which cities, regions, universities, and other organizations from five countries worked together to implement ITS applications and set up a European platform for cycle data. Leading the project management, Mobycon and our partners helped fifteen ITS implementations become operational by 2021, with another eleven pilots starting up. Examples of the implementations include: the bicycle parking information system in Bruges, the bicycle rally app for businesses in Oldenburg, Safety by radar in Aarhus, smart cameras and software for incident detection in Zwolle, and the BITS CycleDataHub (a portal for cycling data).

The results of the BITS project were presented at conferences like Velo-city 2021 in Lisbon, the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, as well as numerous online events from the European Week of Regions and Cities, to the Intertraffic ONAIR show. During the CIE 2021 Summit, BITS was highlighted in Matthew Baldwin’s keynote address (deputy director general DG MOVE). In June 2021, the North Sea Region Program approved an extension of the project for another nine months (late 2022). This allowed the welcoming of three new partners: the Municipality of Oldenburg, Deelfiets Netherlands, and Cycledata.