Over the last few years, the city of Tirana has begun to transform into a cycling city. While the results are impressive, there are still some safety and design issues with the existing infrastructure, particularly regarding the width of the cycleways and at the intersections. Following previous work on proposed cycling networks for the city, Mobycon, alongside the Dutch Cycling Embassy, held a multiday ThinkBike Workshop in April 2022 in Tirana with local decision-makers, planners, and cycle advocates. The aim was to discuss how the city can achieve a more sustainable transportation sector, specifically cycling as a safe transport option.

Credit: Dutch Cycling Embassy

One main point of discussion in the workshop was how to implement 30 km/h zones in Tirana. The workshop also highlighted that Tirana must invest a concerted effort in three areas: hardware, software, and orgware. Hardware is the physical element of the built environment. Software is the mental and virtual elements: the ideas, plans, policies, programs, and laws – as well as behavioural change and cycling stimulations. Orgware is the organizational and institutional elements, such as communication, administrations, and governments.