Mobycon partnered with the World Resources Institute (WRI) as an expert consultant to provide coaching services to WRI partner cities. This on-call relationship enables the team to assist partners with pre-identified, individual mobility challenges. This collaboration has included supporting the development of a non-motorized transport strategy for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; supporting the creation of a cycle facilities design guide in Vietnam; providing feedback on knowledge-sharing efforts for open streets and pop-up cycle lanes in multiple Asian cities; and advising on a nationwide mobility survey in Brazil.

Working with WRI facilitates a connection to an international team with knowledge of best practices that can be applied globally. Additionally, the opportunity for Mobycon to work with partner cities outside of European and North American markets provides the team with a more diverse understanding of what global cities are experiencing during their sustainable transportation transitions.

Mobycon looks forward to fostering this relationship and continuing working with and sharing knowledge and expertise with WRI partner cities.