Discussion Memorandum on the Design Characteristics of GOW30

In August 2022, Mobycon was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works, in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and CROW, to develop a discussion paper outlining design recommendations for a new road type called GOW30. GOW30 aims to promote safer and more liveable cities by encouraging more 30 km/h roads. Mobycon conducted a literature review to establish criteria that distinguish GOW30 from other road types and ensure clarity for road users. They are currently finalizing a memorandum for review and approval by CROW, the working group, and experts involved in the project.

In August 2022, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and Rijkswaterstaat and CROW, commissioned Mobycon to write a discussion paper with recommendations for the design characteristics of the GOW30. The GOW30 is a new road type that still is in development and therefore did not exist when Sustainable Safety was introduced in the early 1990s. According to various experts, this solution will contribute to more 30 km/h roads in the city, and in turn, contribute to safer and more liveable cities. With the completion of the GOW30 framework, the next question arose: what does a GOW30 look like?

Mobycon began by conducting a literature review in order to determine what criteria a GOW30 should meet to distinguish it from other road types, and that communicates clearly to road users what is expected of them. The findings were shared with a working group and a separate group of Mobycon experts to understand to what extent there is support from road authorities, emergency services, etc., for the proposed design requirements. Mobycon is currently working to finalize the memorandum and submit it to CROW, the working group, and the experts involved for review and approval.