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A Bicycle for Every Child

On Thursday April 15th, at 15:30 (CET) the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water’s Tour de Force national cycling programme, together with the Dutch Cycling Embassy (DCE) and Mobycon will host the launch event for their booklet on international children’s cycling initiatives. The session will highlight a variety of organizations around the world dedicated to ensuring every child, no matter their income, ability or location, can make cycling a part of their lives.

Along with the launch of the booklet, the event includes a panel discussion between various international professionals working to ensure that every child has access to a bicycle. After the launch, a free digital copy of the booklet will be available for download.

The booklet is a product of the collaboration between Mobycon, the Dutch Cycling Embassy, and Tour de Force to gather international inspiration for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment on children’s cycling initiatives. Initiatives have been collected through personal contacts as well as an extensive internet search, compiling information available on the websites of each initiatives to learn more about their goals, operations etc. The purpose of the booklet is to collect lessons learned from initiatives that collect, repair and provide bicycles as part of their activities, or support access to bicycles for children in other ways.

The launch event is available on Mobycon’s Youtube channel. You can access the livestream HERE.

You can also access the free digital booklet HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the booklet or the event, please feel free to contact Stephen Kurz by email at We look forward to seeing you on Thursday April 15th!

Angela van der Kloof (Mobycon), Lucas Harms (DCE), and Hugo van der Steenhoven (Tour de Force)

Angela van der Kloof

‘Planning, promotion and education for cycling are great tools that contribute to making places thrive, people participate and be healthy, as well as to the quality of the living environment.’

Strategic Advisor