Intersections are crucial tools for shaping the experiences for individual modes of transportation. For many decades, intersections have been optimized in favor of private motorized transport, however several countries have since developed procedures to better adapt transport infrastructure to the needs of modern sustainable mobility. The willingness to accept new forms of mobility is increasing and new technologies have been brought onto the market to adapt traffic signal systems to better serve new priorities.  

The international CrossConnect project seizes this momentum, collaborating closely with local road authorities in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The project aims for rapid impact by laying the groundwork for high-visibility exemplary initiatives, called lighthouse projects. It provides local authorities with tools for implementing innovative solutions at signalized intersections, even if these solutions deviate from the common practices. Mobycon’s leadership and project management brings input from the Dutch perspective to this groundbreaking project. 

Beyond the lighthouse projects, CrossConnect offers an ’empowerment package’ to local authorities, including an e-learning tool and recommendations to establish a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing network in the DACH region. This sets the stage for an enduring legacy of reimagining and regulating intersections.