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Seeing is Believing

A trip to the Netherlands can be a life-changing experience for anyone looking to gain new perspectives about the future of integrated mobility. For over 30 years, Mobycon has been at the forefront of Dutch mobility innovation, and we are proud to share our experiences with international visitors.

Study tours – the Netherlands

Voted as one of the best countries to drive a car and yet, boasting bicycle infrastructure that can be used by anyone. From kids to ‘Omas’ and ‘Opas’ – anyone can get around safely by bicycle!

Our team specializes in delivering tours that provide inspiration that participants can apply at home. Rather than focussing on the beauty of mediaeval cities, we explore intersections, transit hubs, arterials and new developments. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about upcoming tours. We look forward to seeing you in the Netherlands!

We deliver both standard and customized tours for various audiences. From elected officials to planners, policy-makers, engineers, and students.

Visit our study tours website to find out more about customizing and booking tours in the Netherlands.