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Preview Dutch bicycle infrastructure and join a summer or fall study tour

Enjoy a preview of the Dutch bicycle infrastructure just waiting to be discovered through Mobycon's Study Tours. The Bicycle 360° Study Tour is coming up 24-26 June. Read more on our Study Tours website or share what you seek to learn via a short survey.


Ottawa's first complete street includes raised cycle tracks!

For the past couple of years, Mobycon has been providing consulting services in North America, and we now have the satisfaction of seeing one of those projects complete. Churchill Avenue is Ottawa, Canada’s first complete street providing space for cars, cyclists and transit users.


Sharing Dutch cycling at Velo-City Nantes

The world’s biggest cycle planning conference, Velo-city will take place in Nantes, France, 2-5 June, and once again, Mobycon consultants will be there to share the Dutch perspective. Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof will speak about winter cycling along with co-presenters from the Winter Cycling Federation. In addition, Angela together with Mobycon Consultant Simon Fessard will present a poster about Discover Dutch Cycling,

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