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Multi-modal mobility to the next level

Multi-modal mobility is mobility combining different means of transportation, e.g. public transit and biking. By combining public transit and biking, people can benefit from the best of both worlds. Public transit can be used to cover long distances while biking is a good alternative for the first- and last mile. By combining the two means, the (intermodal) mobility network becomes more efficient because the reach of public transit stops increases if people use biking to travel to and from stops. As the stops’ reach increases, public transit can become faster and more direct, improving the quality and leading to an increase in the use of public transit.


A Mobility Plan and a Bicycle Minimum Grid for Tirana

Tirana, the capital of Albania, is undergoing a major urbanization process in which it is growing from 250,000 inhabitants in 1990 to many millions in the near future. The spatial and transport policies are not up to this process and are in desperate need of a thorough update.


Winter Cycling from Montreal to Moscow

Cycling is a good transportation solution, but much more could be done to enable bicyclists, especially in winter. Why? Because transportation is at the core of our lives and the bicycle is one of many modes of transportation that offers well-known advantages, such as being practical, reliable, affordable, healthy, fun and clean. Bicyclists, however, are chronically exposed to adverse weather conditions – such as wind, heat, cold, rain, and snow – and are more vulnerable when it comes to air pollution, traffic safety and terrain issues.


Dutch DRT innovations at Breckenridge Conference

In September 2016, the International Conference on Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT) took place in Breckenridge, Colorado. Practitioners and scientists from North America and Europe shared their knowledge, experiences and challenges. Since Mobycon is an experienced consultant in this field of transportation we are member of the steering committee of the conference and in Breckenridge we presented recent developments from the Netherlands.


Mobycon looks into traffic and parking in downtown Baarn

Downtown Baarn, 30 minutes south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is seeing a decline in shopping. To counter this, the town is taking a leap forward towards more quality in public space. After all, as Dutch research proves, the quality of public space is one of the most important reasons for people to visit a shopping area, even more so than accessibility or easy parking.


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