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Introducing Streetsketch

In our work, we are often involved in facilitating discussions between governments and citizens about street design, and on how to provide a safe space for people cycling. Both parties often cannot meet on common ground which often leads to active modes being forgotten or not being given the space that is needed. We believed we needed a tool that would allow engineers, civil servants and citizens to communicate more easily, which led us to develop Streetsketch.


Mobycon Visits California, USA

Mobycon founder and CEO Johan Diepens, together with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, visited California to better understand how one of the most forward thinking states is innovating to create more bicycle friendly cities, and to see how the Dutch approach could be applied.


Mobycon Advises Canada’s Capital City on a New 30 km/h (20 mph)

North American cities are increasingly considering the importance of speed reduction to traffic safety, and Canada’s capital city is one of the leaders. While the City of Ottawa has significantly increased their roll out of traffic calming measures in recent years, officials continue to receive requests from residents for slower traffic speeds.


Canada’s Dutch-inspired Street in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Located in picturesque downtown Canmore, Alberta, Spring Creek Drive is the latest example of the Town’s dedication to raising the bar for what it means to be liveable. Already pedestrian friendly, Canmore aims to increase trips taken by foot or bike to 30% to benefit its 14,000 residents and many visitors that it welcomes each year.


Mobycon Team-member Receives Medal for Volunteering for Cycling

Mobycon Team-member Receives Canadian Governor General Sovereign Medal for Volunteering for Cycling Promotion


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