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Translating Dutch Practices to Get Britain Cycling

How do you make Dutch best practices work in your community?  This is the question Angela van der Kloof sets out to answer in her recently published article appearing in Get Britain Cycling magazine.


Cargo bikes: 21st century SUVs

This past weekend, 250 people descended on the Dutch city of Nijmegen to discuss cargo bikes. This was not simple a group of oddball enthusiasts, but business people and entrepreneurs from around the world who are seriously experimenting with the potential of the cargo bike as a utility vehicle.


Increasing cycling in Amsterdam Nieuw West

Amsterdam means bikes but not all parts of the city are equally bike friendly. In the district of Nieuw West only 16 percent of the population cycles daily, compared with 28 percent across the whole city and 44 percent in the historic centre. How is this possible to have such a moderate mode share in the city of bikes?









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