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We are nominated for the Dutch Cycling Innovation Award

This spring we collaborated with Fontys International Lifestyle Studies from the Netherlands and developed ‘Light Up Your Mood’ (LUYM); a bike campaign concept to encourage Dutch and international students to cycle safe, with more fun and more frequently. A colored light on the bike communicates the students’ mood.


Experiencing Nijmegen’s cycling culture

We are excited to welcome you in the Netherlands, especially Arnhem and Nijmegen, during the international Velo-city congress (June 13 – 16). The Netherlands, known for its well-established cycling culture, is also worth a visit after congress hours. Mobycon has designed a map showing Nijmegen’s cycling culture highlights for congress’ visitors who have some spare time after or during the program. It helps to learn about the Dutch’ cycling culture, especially the unseen.


CIPTEC Research Project Survey: Please join!

Promising and innovative ideas, concepts and services that could improve the travel experience by Public Transport in European Cities. Would you like to co-design with us the future of the Public Transport sector and improve the quality of life in cities? Please answer the following questions!


Luxembourg looks to pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly laws

Improving walking and cycling is high on the national agenda in Luxemburg. With the perspective of reaching 25% of all trips made by bike or on foot by 2020, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures (MDDI) of Luxembourg is looking for means to encourage everyone throughout the country to take up cycling and walking


Mobycon North America is growing!

Since the beginning of the April, Hans Moor and Quentin Freixo, both already very familiar to us, have joined our North American team in Ottawa.


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