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Registration open: “Designing Safe Intersections For All Users"

Complete Streets need complete intersections. Come learn the Dutch approach at "Designing Safe Intersections for All Users: Cycle Tracks at Signalized Intersections and Roundabouts" a one-day Master Class following the 2015 Toronto Complete Streets Forum on Friday, 2 October.


Submit a proposal to the Winter Cycling Congress 2016

We’re really excited to see more cities in Canada and the Northern part of the United States promoting year-round bicycling. A great place to learn best practices from other winter cities is at the Winter Cycling Congress. The 2016 congress will be the first held in the United States, 2-4 February in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


Angela van der Kloof Dutch Cycling Fellow for Indianapolis

Mobcyon consultant Angela van der Kloof is the Dutch Cycling Fellow for the City of Indianapolis, USA, and visited in August to get to know the city, its cycling community and the challenges and opportunities existing there.

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