The Region of Cévennes Gangeoises and Suménoises (CCCGS) set a goal to support and increase active mobility in the region by implementing a concrete policy and master plan. The policy set out several objectives: to improve intercity travel by active modes, to reinforce bicycle travel in the three town centres within the region, as well as target the promotion of tourism and leisure activities by concentrating on certain major routes (greenways, etc.).

This project was carried out in consultation with neighboring local authorities and residents in order to identify the expectations and issues around active mobility in the territory.

After an analysis of the region, the transportation options available and the mobility patterns of local residents, Mobycon (in partnership with Evopods, a design office located in Montpellier), worked to define the infrastructure and design elements to be implemented as well as the services to be developed.

Mobycon provided support throughout each phase of the project. In the analysis and diagnostic phase, we assisted our partners with the analysis of the existing infrastructure in CCCGS, identifying gaps in the existing network and important trip generators.

During the development and design phase, we contributed to the planning and creation of a local and regional cycling network for the entire region.

Mobycon’s expertise in infrastructure and design solutions was particularly helpful when dealing with school zones and space-constrained locations.

In the third and final phase of the project, Mobycon developed a communication plan and strategy to help support and guide the client in its current and future communication, with a particular focus on inclusive and diverse imagery and messaging around bicycle programming in CCCGS.