OV4U (MobyKids©): Teaching children how to use public transit

Mobycon wants to ensure people of all ages can travel in safe and sustainable ways. As part of this inclusive ethos, in 2006 we developed an educational program which teaches school children all things public transit. The OV4U program occupies a unique place in the curriculum, providing a well-rounded view on travel options within students own neighborhoods.

Instead of confusing our friends that don’t speak Dutch, we changed Openbaar Vervoer 4U (OV4U) to MobyKids© – same great program, just a different name.

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Theory in the classroom prepares children for the programs final lesson: a trip using public transit. This ensures children finish the course with the skills to travel with confidence. The five lessons are clearly outlined with lesson plans and worksheets for the students. Activities in the classroom cover math, art, research and role-play to engage children with public transit.

The strength of this course lies with its flexibility. Each package can be tailored to different regions and settings depending on the transport options available there. Experts can be drafted into the classroom to give unique and engaging lessons.

To date, OV4U has reached around 450 classrooms in the Netherlands, teaching 15,000 school children. When we asked the children what they thought of the course, 75% found the lessons helpful and 65% said they felt safe travelling on public transport after taking the course.

The motto “learned young, done old” drives this project. Students will grow up with positive images of public transit, feeling confident in their ability to travel safely.

To learn more about how O4VU works contact Irene Janssens.

Irene Janssens

Management Assistant

‘Organisation and communication are my passions! Arranging conferences, seminars, business trips in the Netherlands or abroad is what I do best! The marketing and communication of Mobycon, with me, is in good hands.’