When a large road could no longer cater for the increased traffic demand, the governing authority turned to Mobycon to provide a response to the areas changing requirements.

The Rijnsburgerweg is a major road on the outskirts of the Dutch town Rijnsburg. It acts as a main transport route, connecting residents to surrounding areas to the south. We were approached because increased traffic volumes jepordised the safety and smooth operation of the road; changes were required. The new design had to accommodate the higher traffic demand and provide excellent bicycle infrastructure. As the road included two roundabouts, safety concerns of pedestrians and cyclists had to be held with upmost regard.

Together with the municipality we provided several alternatives. Options were put to stakeholders who selected their preferred alternative. The re-design focused on the intersections as opposed to the lanes for cars. Narrowing the lanes and increasing capacity at the entrance to the roundabouts meant we could meet the aim of the project: alleviating congestion. These changes freed more space for protected cycle tracks and trees to line the street.

Due to our changes, drivers could spend less time sat in slow moving traffic. Whilst cyclists could enjoy safer cycle paths in a greener environment.

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Lennart Nout

Manager of International Strategy

‘The interplay of different modalities within cities intrigues me. I am always looking for the best solution for the city and its inhabitants, while playing close attention to bikes. In the Netherlands and abroad I give workshops on the development of cycling culture, strategic network planning, street design and intersection design.’