With our new camera system to monitor traffic, we can provide precise information on traffic patterns.

Zeeland bridge spans a 5km stretch of water, connecting Vlissingen and Middelburg in the south with Rotterdam to the north. The province of Zeeland prohibits agricultural vehicles from travelling over the bridge at certain times of day. Due to this, Mobycon was asked to give insight into the traffic usage of this stretch of road.

Across a two week period our cameras closely monitored the bridge 24 hours a day. The footage was analysed to shed light on how the bridge was being used. This method provided accurate and cost-effective information.

Similarly, within Vlissingen, the municipality sought an explanation of how a bridge within the city was used. Does the bridge accommodate drivers who travel back and forth between the city or is does it primarily cater for regional traffic flows?

We strategically selected six locations around the city and placed cameras there to provide us with the data to answer this question. Following vehicle movements, through license plate tracking, we built a picture of how the bridge was used and shared this information with the province in the form of maps and tables.

When using this technology, we ensure that individual privacy is respected and ensure our actions are in line with legislation.

Mobycon has extensive experience and capabilities when it comes to large scale traffic research and data analysis. Want to know what we can do for you. Contact Erik Wahle.

Erik Wahle

Senior Advisor and Research Team Leader

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